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Wedding Cakes Are Our Specialty

Enjoy your special day!

We craft wedding cakes like works of art. We take your vision and like an artist with canvas and paint, we create your special masterpiece by design.

Exsquisitely Designed

Creatively Crafted

Our Crafted Delights Include

Clean, Fresh Ingredients

It starts with an idea and we add only clean, fresh and natural ingredients for a fresh, wholesome flavor.

Gourmet & Crafted Cakes

We create crafted cakes to suit your needs. From kids party cakes, to anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and so much more, we create what you desire.

Gourmet Cookies

Who doesn't love a gourmet, crafted cookie with your favorite icing or tasty treat?

Homemade Pies

Nothing smells better than warm, fresh, homemade pies and pastries.

Cake Pops

Sometimes you don't need a full cake and cake pops make the perfect and balanced treat to end a gourmet meal.

Freshly Baked Tarts & Pastries

Right out of the oven goodness for that special gathering of family and friends.

About Us

Crafted to Order

We begin early in the morning and don't stop until every order is provided, just as you described.  We craft our food to order, for you.


We create amazing food by crafting flavors that burst.  We specialize in sourcing local product from Orange County's specialty vendors and farmers.

Always Tasteful

We guarantee our food and know that you will love the flavors we craft in each and every cake, cookie, cupcake, or any baked good we create.

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9:00 am – 7:00 pm


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By Appointment

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